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Supply Chain


Supply Chain Map

Where our yarn comes from

Kentwool Yarn’s domestic supply chain allows us to deliver the highest quality yarn without the guess-work & potential disruptions of off-shore yarn sourcing. By producing in America, we’re able to minimize uncertainty for you and deliver the very best custom- blended yarn, including Berry compliant yarn, to meet your unique product needs.




Wool yarn spun at Kentwool Development,
Testing, & Manufacturing Center


Our supply chain model allows us to invest in
The Triple Bottom Line


Our employee family is top priority. We care for our exceptionally talented and hard working team by providing an exemplary work environment, and competitive wage/benefits.


We work with ethical wool suppliers, maintain low transport emissions, and our manufacturing center uses solar panels while our clean process generates minimal waste and no air pollutants.


Kentwool Yarn is about building long-term customer relationships. Your product’s success is what keeps us in business.