Frequently Asked Questions

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What kinds of goods can be made from Kentwool yarns?

The options are nearly endless. Kentwool yarns have been used to make hosiery, fine suiting and apparel, military and first responder goods, consumer crafts, industrial goods, and home and interior fabrics to name just a few uses. As a custom yarn supplier, we can help you craft the wool yarn you need to achieve your product goals.

What kind of quality can I expect from Kentwool?

In the wool industry, Kentwool is synonymous with quality. We operate a state-of-the-art testing lab in our manufacturing center to ensure consistency and excellence in our product quality. In addition, Kentwool is the only manufacturer in the United States with USTERIZED® certification guaranteeing we regularly exceed rigorous quality standards in our production process.

What is worsted yarn?

Worsted yarn is a type of yarn that is produced using the longest wool fibers available in the raw material. This production method results in a smooth, high-quality wool yarn.

Does Kentwool produce Merino wool yarn?

Yes. Kentwool is capable of producing many types of wool yarn, and we have extensive experience working with Merino wool. From superfine suiting yarns to industrial yarns, we can utilize our expertise to assist you in selecting the best materials for yarn to meet your unique needs.

Can Kentwool blend other fibers?

As a custom supplier, Kentwool can blend almost any fiber with wool as long as it is made in long-staple form.

What is superwash wool?

Superwash wool is wool used in hosiery and garment goods that has been specially processed to help reduce the fiber’s tendency to shrink after washing. During the superwash process, the scales of the fibers that cause wool to shrink are removed. Superwash wool helps to ensure that wool hosiery and apparel is easier to care for when it reaches the end consumer.

Can Kentwool supply clean wool for lighter shade yarns?

Yes. Kentwool can source any wool necessary, including low black wool yarns, which are ideal for light shade production.


Why wool?

Wool is a natural fiber that has thermal, moisture-wicking, and odor-resistant properties. Wool is ideal for use in hosiery and garment manufacturing to achieve a more durable and more enjoyable product for end-customer use.

Is wool biodegradable?

Much like the hair on humans, wool is naturally biodegradable.

Can wool be dyed?

Yes. Wool yarn can be dyed at many different stages of the production process from fiber dying to package dying, and piece dying. Kentwool Yarn can assist you in selecting the best dying process based on your poundage and end product needs, and custom color matching is possible based on your preferences.

Is wool itchy?

When selecting wool, as the wool micron decreases the comfort factor is enhanced and the “prickle factor” is reduced. With the appropriate material selection, wool yarn can provide a plush and supple feel for exceptional comfort next to the skin.


Where does Kentwool produce goods?

Kentwool Yarn is solely made in the USA. Our Manufacturing Center is located within 20 minutes east of Greenville, South Carolina. We are located within 4 hours of our domestic wool supply and are frequently a one-day ship point to Southeastern knitting facilities.

Can Kentwool supply Berry compliant yarn?

Yes. As a domestic producer of wool, Kentwool can supply you with Berry compliant wool yarn.


How do I get started?

Visit the contact us page on this website to connect with Keith Horn. With more than 27 years of wool-yarn manufacturing experience, Keith is standing by to learn more about your needs and to share more about Kentwool Yarn’s capabilities.

I don’t know what yarn I need. Can Kentwool help?

Yes! The great advantage of working with Kentwool is that our years of experience allow us to work with you to identify the correct materials and yarn to meet your specific needs. When it comes to yarn, from ideation to finished product, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Please reach out to us via the Contact Us page of this website. We’d love to chat.

Why Kentwool vs. others?

Kentwool Yarn is America’s Responsible Yarn Source. We will work directly with you to craft a custom yarn specific to your end-use product that meets your unique needs.

I know exactly what yarn I need. Can you build yarn to my current specs?

Yes. We have the ability to test your current yarn and provide a product that matches your current specifications. We are also available to help you think through ways you might enhance your current yarn choices to further improve your product. Please reach out to us via the Contact Us page of this website to discuss your needs and our capabilities.


What kind of lead times can I expect?

Lead times vary based on the particular specifications of each custom order. As a domestic yarn supplier, we work very closely with our U.S. supply chain partners to meet customer demands and expedite delivery as needed. Please reach out to us via the Contact Us page of this website for more information on current lead times.

What yarn does Kentwool stock?

Kentwool does not stock yarn. We are a custom yarn producer that makes yarn specific to each customer’s unique needs. With your end product in mind, we will partner with you to create exactly the yarn you need to achieve your product goals.

What is the price per pound of wool yarn?

Just as each of our yarns is custom-made, each of our yarns is individually priced. Many variables go into calculating the price of wool yarn including product specifications, order quantity, rush delivery requests, etc. Please reach out to us via the Contact Us page of this website to begin the quoting process.